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For users who can use their body and face but not their arms:

Download Facial Navigation v3.2 for Windows 10/11 from the Microsoft Store (UK/USA/Canada)


For users who can use their arms and fingers:

Download In-Air Multitouch v3.2 for Windows 10/11 from the Microsoft Store (UK/USA/Canada)

These software apps install on your own computer, and are free for personal use on Windows 10 and 11 laptops and PCs. They require a webcam, 4GB RAM and an X86 (64-bit) processor from 2016 onwards. You need 1GB free on your hard drive for each app that you install.

If you download from the Microsoft Store links below, they will install into your start menu after 5-6 minutes of downloading and uncompressing.

If the Microsoft Store links do not work for you, then please do download directly from UCL here on our XIP licensing platform (it is free for personal use).

Once you install it, an icon will appear in the Start Menu folder labelled UCL MotionInput v3.



Also see here for our ongoing research project on Accessible Programming in Visual Studio (work in progress) - Visual Nav v2 for Visual Studio which uses Facial Navigation